Z Installation Guide

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The theme is not going to look anything close to live demo when you first install and activate it. Here in this short tutorial we will try to replicate live demo as much as possible.

First, go to front page of your site -> Click on Theme Options link at the very top of page -> You will be redirected to Theme Control Panel -> On Theme Control Panel click on Intro tab -> Select the Intro Type you’d like to have -> Save Changes -> Now click on Intro tab again -> Fill the fields shows up -> Save Changes once again.

Check the front page of your site once again. You will probably like what you see this time 🙂

Please note that Vimeo videos does not show on localhost if you are trying to use a Vimeo video as background of Intro. But you will see your video as soon as you upload your site to a webserver.

Every section on front page can easily be disabled, go through all tabs and disable any section or customize it up to your liking.


Disabling a section via theme control panel will not disable the related Navigation link. On theme control panel go to Misc tab -> you will notice the links used for navigation on that page. You can edit or disable any of navigation links under Misc tab.

You may want to set up a custom navigation as well. The custom navigation is set to display right after Home link. For instance, the Extras link on navigation of live demo is created as a Custom Menu. This tutorial shows how to set up a custom menu.

Team Members

Team members field looks empty by default. You may add a new team member by going admin -> Members -> Add New field. You can increase the number of Members shows on front page via theme control panel -> Team Members tab. While adding a team member, you will see a field that asks Portfolio Tag. Thats important if you want to show the Recent Projects on CV page of the employee. Just add any tag to that field (make sure to use small letters and if you have any white space, replace it with – eg. Blue Sky tag should be written as blue-sky). Later, while adding Portfolio posts you will need to use same tag on New Portfolio Post.


Create some categories on admin -> Portfolio -> Portfolio Categories page. Then add new portfolio entries on Portfolio -> Add New page. If you want to connect a portfolio work to any team member, make sure to use tags as well. Later while creating

Blog Posts

On theme control panel -> Timeline tab -> Set the criteria to display the posts of a single category or most recent posts of all categories on blog posts row. You can also set the number of entries to display.

If you want to display a button to link all blog posts (Check “See All Blog Posts” on live demo) Go to pages -> Add New -> Use whatever you like as page title -> You will see Page Template selectbox on right hand below publish button -> Select Blog -> Publish the page. Now go to Theme Control Panel -> Timeline -> Select the page you just created for “Button Below Blog Posts” option.