How to Use the Support Forum

  First Steps

These instructions are for users who have never used a Support Forum or are new to the concept. We will review how to login and how to post a new thread (i.e, submit a question on the support forum).

You should bookmark these two links:

  • CODEX – contains all documentation and tutorials
  • Support Forum – where you should ask questions if the CODEX does not answer it already

Why Use the Support Forum?

Support forums are the industry standard for providing online support. Here are some notable benefits of the Support Forum:

  • Centralized channel makes questions and answers easier to manage for both users and administrators.
  • Avoid repeating answers to the same questions.
  • Learn from the questions and answers already published by other users.
  • Support forum is restricted to premium theme owners only.

We do NOT provide support over email or private messages because it is more difficult to track, reference documentation, and responses are not available to the broader community. Additionally, we do not want to flood our inbox or your inbox. Any request for support sent via email or private message (PM) will be ignored – no response will be provided. ALL QUESTIONS MUST BE POSTED AND ANSWERED ON SUPPORT FORUM (no exceptions).

Who has access to the support forum?

All Gabfire Theme customers receive access to the support forum for 1 year after purchase. If you have recently purchases a Gabfire theme, then you automatically have access to the Support Forum. Your login is the username and password you entered upon purchasing the theme and are the same credentials used to login to the Member Dashboard.

Please note that all support related questions sent via email or private message will be ignored. All support questions must be posted on the Support Forum. That is the ONLY place we will respond to support questions. No exceptions.

How To Post a Thread or Question?

If you are a Gabfire theme owner, then you have the ability to post a thread on the Support Forum. Here’s how:

1) Go to the Support Forum (you should bookmark this url)

2) Click on the theme that corresponds to the theme you have a related question. This would be one of the themes under the section titled: Premium Themes Support Forums.



3) Now Click on New Thread



4) Fill in the details requested. You should always provide the following information:

  • Your site URL – users who provide this get faster and more accurate answers. Seeing is believing.
  • Your WP version – we recommend users always work off the latest WordPress.
  • Detailed description – provide as much detail as possible to explain the issue. Please don’t say “x or y doesn’t work“. That is not helpful. Describe the issue in detail.
  • Turn Off Plugins – Before asking a question, please turn off your plugins. Most issues are a result of third-party plugins. We do not support third-party plugins and they are out of our control.

5) Submit your thread / question.

6) Check your thread later as the Gabfire team is constantly on the forums answering questions. We always respond within 24 hours or less.

What is the Difference Between Theme-Related Questions vs Customization

Please note that we do NOT provide customization support on the support forums. We only provide support for theme-related questions.

  • Theme-Related Questions – these are questions specific to the usage of the theme. How something in the theme works, where a certain option is located, etc.
  • Customization Questions – these are questions where the user is asking for or requesting new code to be provided, custom design, site layout changes, CSS updates, etc. Any question that requires writing new code is a customization request and is NOT supported. Please hire a developer for customization requests, or purchase one of our service packages or submit a Customization Request.

Please note that while we would love to provide customization support it is extremely time-consuming, costly, and individual-based. Therefore, it does not serve the community and our priority will be to answer theme-related questions.