How to Update Your Theme

  First Steps

Who is this for? These instructions are for users who have an EXISTING site and wish to upgrade to the latest theme version. If you are a NEW user or have a NEW site, you do NOT need these instructions.

IMPORTANT: The instructions below are a guide for upgrading to a newer version of a theme. Please understand that everyone’s site is unique. You have your own plugins (usually many), your own content, your own customization, and your own personal settings. So there is no such thing as a guide that works for everyone. With that understanding, I am providing instructions on HOW I upgrade a site to a newer version.

DISCLAIMER: Any time you upgrade WP or a theme or a plugin, you do so at your own risk. Please backup your sites before making such upgrades.

When to Upgrade

If you have a high-traffic site or simply do not want to impact your readers, you should perform the upgrade at a time of low traffic. For most people, this is usually late-night. I do upgrades at midnight.

Maintenance Mode – You can also use a maintenance plugin so your users will see an maintenance mode page while you perform an upgrade. You can search the WP plugin repository for such plugins.


Everyone has their own preferred methods for upgrading. Here is how I perform an upgrade. Following these instructions will minimize the amount of time you need to re-apply your settings into the new theme.

Backup Your Site

You have an awesome site! Protect it. You should already be backing up your site regularly. It is wise to perform a backup right before doing an upgrade.

There are many plugins available. I recommend the following:

Backup Your Theme Settings

Since you are updating your theme, it is expected that you will want to have the same Theme Settings (or Theme Options) selected on your current site.

Backup Widgets

Activate Widget Importer Exporter and export your current widgets on admin -> tools Widget Importer Exporter page.

Install New Theme

Now you need to perform the simple process of uploading the new theme and following the instructions as shown in the INSTALLATION GUIDE.

If you are uploading a new version of the same theme, then your existing theme has the same name as the new theme. In this case, you’ll want to delete the theme on your server first.

After you have uploaded new version and activated it, go into Appearance ==> Theme Options ==> and check your settings are set correctly.

Have a Beer!

That’s it! Preparation is the key. This can all be done in less than 10 minutes if done carefully. Enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Do I have to upgrade?
A: No. Upgrading is a personal choice. You do not have to upgrade. Free updates are a benefit of being part of the Gabfire community. We regularly update theme to improve on existing features, introduce new features, and satisfy our awesome customers.

Q: Where do I get the lastest version of the theme?
A: Upon purchase of the theme, you setup a profile to the Gabfire Member Dashboard. Login there and you will see all your active subscriptions. Here are instructions on how and where to download your theme or plugin.

Q: My support forum access has expired – what do I do?
A: You can purchase another year of support forum access simply by clicking the renew link from your Gabfire Member Dashboard.

Q: Will I lose all my posts and images if I upgrade?
A: No. Posts / images / content are stored in your WordPress database. They are not affected by your theme. Only theme-specific settings, styling, customization, and widgets are impacted.