Sharp Magazine Options Guide

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Below is a diagram of how the Theme Options structure the Homepage. You may choose to setup the homepage however you like. Click the image to zoom in closer.


* Event widget courtesy of Event Espresso (free)

How to Set Up Demo Ads

The demo ads cannot be included within demo content. You must manually save the ads by right clicking the ad and saving the image to your desktop. Then, you must upload the image to WordPress in Media > Add New. When the image is uploaded, click ‘edit’ and copy the File URL that is shown in the right side.
Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 12.28.57 PM
Then, navigate to Theme Options > Manage Ads and paste this code with the proper URL in each of the ad sections to allow the image to appear:

<img src="File URL" />

If you want to link the ad somewhere, add the code like this:

<a href="Destination URL"><img src="File URL" /></a>