How to Setup a Category Template

  First Steps

In most of our themes, we offer a several category templates which looks different from the standard default category template.

How to set different layouts for categories?

As always, all theme configuration is done from your THEME OPTIONS.

1) Go to Gabfire Themes tab > Theme Options > Miscellaneous
NOTE: For older versions, the setting may actually be found under Theme Settings –> Categories – Category ID to use for media template.

It will look like this:



2) Enter the Category ID into the corresponding category template field. yIf you choose to use multiple category IDs, each category must be separated by a comma without spaces as shown below:

  • 7
  • 7,8,9 (no spaces)

3) Save Options. That’s it! Now any post that you create and assign a category ID to a specific category template will display as such.