How To Install Gabfire Demo Content

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Installing XML demo content is a fairly simple process that can be completed in 4 steps. Afterwards, you will have a full set of beautiful images and post titles to fill up your site and make it look very professional.

1. Download Demo XML File

Login to your Gabfire Dashboard, click on your theme, and download the demo content XML file.

2. Install WordPress Importer

Now that you have the demo content downloaded, you need to install the WordPress Importer. Login to your WordPress site and navigate to Tools>Import.

Install WordPress Importer

Click WordPress and install and activate the plugin.

3. Upload Demo XML File

Using the new WordPress Importer plugin, upload your demo content XML file. This will add Gabfire demo posts, pages, and categories to your site.

Import XML Content

4. Download Content

On next step make sure to download attachments. That’s the most important step. Not downloading media attachments will break front page thumbnails and post galleries.

Click Submit

WordPress will start to import demo content to your site. DO NOT close your browser till end of import. Depend on connection timeout value set on your server you may see some error messages such as Bad Gateway, Connection timed out, etc… If you happen to see such messages, just click F5 on your keyboard. That will resume the download process. In some cases, you may see error messages more than once. Refresh page by clicking F5 each time and error message appears.

5. Setup Homepage Categories

Now that you’ve successfully installed Gabfire Demo Content, you can setup your homepage by selecting the new categories in Theme Options > Homepage (or Theme Options > Categories).

If you have any issues installing your demo content, we’ll be happy to assist you in the support forums.