Gabfire Widget Pack – Twitter

  Gabfire Widget Pack

This widget allows you to pull tweets from your twitter account and display them in a sidebar. You can:

  • Select tweets from a username or a hashtag
  • Display user profile photo
  • Select a number of tweets to display

How to Setup Gabfire Twitter Widget

After activating the widget in Appearance > Gabfire Widget Pack, enter your 4 Twitter API keys and click save. Then, move the Gabfire Twitter widget to a widget zone of your choice and you can setup a few options the widget has to offer.

Gabfire Twitter Widget

Title – This field will display an <h3> title above the widget and can accept HTML.

Tweets based on – This option allows you to choose between tweets from a Twitter handle or a hashtag.

Twitter profile photo – This option allows you to choose to display the Twitter profile picture to the left of the tweet.

Number of Tweets – This option allows you to select how many tweets to display.

Enter Username or Hashtag – This field is for identifying the location of the tweets, either hashtag or username. You can use # or @ respectively, but it is not required.