Gabfire Widget Pack – Flickr Images

  Gabfire Widget Pack

Pictures pictures pictures. That’s what your site really needs. Well, grab them from Flickr with this excellent widget that has multiple configurable options:

  • Select images from a specific user, group, or all of Flickr
  • Retrieve images based on tag
  • Determine order of images
  • Determine the number and size of images

This is one of those quick set it and forget it widgets that does wonders for your site.

How to Setup Gabfire Flickr Images Widget

After activating the widget in Appearance >  Gabfire Widget Pack, move the Gabfire Flickr Images widget to a widget zone you prefer. Then, you can setup a few options that come with the widget.

Gabfire Flickr Images Widget

Title – This field will display an <h3> title above the widget, but cannot accept HTML code.

Image Source – Choose between All User Photos, User, and Group to select which photostream you are using.

User or Group ID – Enter the Flickr ID of your photostream to link the widget to your photos.

Tags – If you’ve selected All User Photos as the Image Source, add tags separated by commas to narrow your selection down.

Display Latest or Random Photos – This option allows you to select either the latest photos from your stream, or a random selection every time you reload the page.

How many items would you like to display – This option allows you to select the number of photos to display in the widget instance.

Photo Size – This options allows you to select the size of the photos: Small, Thumbnail, or Large.