Event Master Theme Installation Guide

  Installation Guides

Logo and Social Links

Upload a logo field is located under General tab on Admin -> Appearance -> Theme options page. We suggest a logo thats not higher than 30px – 1 line.

The social icons on header are hidden by default. They will start to show when a link is entered into social site links field on theme control panel, under header tab. You need to make sure to use http:// before any link otherwise the link will be broken


Create a custom navigation on Admin -> Appearance -> Menus page.

Register Now Link

You will need to enter Register Now Link and Text on theme control panel -> Header section to display Register Now button.

Event Details

Event details bar is managed on theme control panel -> Event Details tab


Create a category for Speakers -> Categories tab on theme control panel -> Select the Speakers category -> set the number of posts to 7 to display speakers blog (0 will disable that section). Posts -> Add new -> any post saved under Speakers category will show up on Speakers block. Square images are suggested as featured image for speakers block.


You can place all sponsor images into one single file and save it as a single image and upload it as a single sponsor image. Or upload them one by one on via sponsors tab on theme control panel

Twitter Widget

The theme doesn’t come with Twitter widget. you will need to download and install Gabfire Widget Pack. Once enabled, move Twitter widget into secondary-right widget zone

Newsletter Widget

Admin -> Theme Control Panel -> Footer -> Follow the instructions on screen.