How to Add a Post with an Image Thumbnail

  First Steps

If you already reviewed the section titled How Thumbnails Work – Image Handling, then you are ready to Add a Post with an Image.

Instructions are provided in both text-format and video tutorial format below.

Step-by-Step Text Instructions

Text-Based Instructions:

  1. Login to your WP Dashboard
  2. Click on Add New under Posts
  3. Write a title, write the article, etc. The usual stuff.
  4. On right side, you will see a section called ‘featured image’ – click Set Featured Image.
  5. If you do not see the Featured Image panel, then please click on Screen Options on top right corner, and check (enable) the panel for featured image. WP 3.1+ hides certain panels, but you can display them simply be performing this step.
  6. Upload an image from your computer.
  7. Once uploaded, the image will show its data. At the bottom of it, you will see a button link titled USE AS FEATURED IMAGE – Click that. That’s it. Now that featured image is associated as the featured image for the article. You are free to add images into the body of the article as well. But the featured image is the image used as the thumbnail for your articles on home page and category pages.

NOTE: It is not required that you insert the image into the post. The image is still automatically attached or associated to that post by WordPress.

  1. Assign the category you want for the article. For example, If you want to see it in home-page slider, then assign it the category you selected in THEME SETTINGS or THEME OPTIONS => CATEGORIES for the Featured Area. This is why it is important to always configure your THEME OPTIONS first before posting questions on the forums.
  2. Publish the post.
  3. That’s it. Refresh your site and you will see it shows the image as the thumbnail.

Video Tutorial


Note: In older version of WordPress, the Set Featured Image panel was referred to as Set Thumbnail. They are one and the same.

Please go through all documentation and video tutorials before posting questions on the forum. We take the time to create these tutorials so that we can save time and effort trouble-shooting commonly asked questions.


If you do not see images on your site, it’s almost ALWAYS due to one of the following:

  1. You have NOT configured your THEME OPTIONS to display a post from the category you selected for your post with image. Go to Appearance => THEME OPTIONS => and configure each setting on each tab.
  2. You did NOT chmod the cache directory as instructed in the Theme Installation Guide
  3. You are attempting to use an image from a different server. Image must be on your server so that it can be manipulated.
  4. You have not set a featured image.
  5. The image is so small – or – so large that WordPress cannot create the various thumbnails for it.
  6. Your server does not have the GD Library installed. Please submit a ticket to your host and they will install it for you.