Overtime Installation Guide

  Installation Guides


  • 1 Navigation
  • 2 Featured Slider
  • 3 Buttons and Full Column (Featured Slider)
  • 4 Blog
  • 5 Services
  • 6 Testimonials
  • 7 Media Module


Site navigation will display all pages and categories together. Using theme control panel -> navigation section; you can exclude any category or page item from navigation by entering their ID’s into exclude Category / Page fields. How to check Cat/Page ID’s

Featured Slider

If you want to have a full-width slide within the featured slider, add a Custom Field with following values:

  • name = fullcol
  • value = true

Buttons and Full Column (Featured Slider)

Check the last slide on live demo. You’ll see two buttons labeled as Button Link and Another Link You can add your buttons as well to your posts using custom fields Custom field name and Value

Custom Field Name Custom Field Value
Enable Button #1 button1 true
Label for Button #1 button1_anchor Link Label
Link for Button #1 button1_link Link (eg: http://www.google.com)
Enable Button #2 button2 true
Label for Button #2 button2_anchor Link Label
Link for Button #2 button2_link Link (eg: http://www.google.com)
Full Column Slider fullcol true


WordPress admin -> Pages -> Add New -> on right hand below publish button look for template dropdown -> select blog -> publish. Doing that will display a link on header of your site with most recent blog entries saved under.


As you created Blog, create another page but as page template select services. After that, on admin dashboard -> Services -> add new. Via this page you can add new services. See the video below for a service page adding demonstration. The video was created for Source, but since Overtime is based on Source, the functionality is the same.


On theme options panel, set the number of testimonials to display on front page. Admin dashboard -> testimonials -> add new -> write any title for testimonials -> enter the testimonial text into text editor -> upload a square author image (author image is optional).

Now enter custom field values:

  • Custom field key by with value testimonial author name
  • Custom field key label with value to display anchor text below author name
  • Custom field key link with value to redirect user when anchor text is clicked


Media Module

Create a new page as services/blog. As page template select Media -> Publish. Now to add media see this tutorial