How To Add Ads to Gabfire Theme with Adrotate Plugin

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How to display JavaScript ads

In order to show your ads, you will need to install the AdRotate plugin.

AdRotate WordPress Plugin

This plugin has many features to help you show specific ads on different pages, but the primary feature we will focus on is the Ad shortcode. The AdRotate plugin can generate a new shortcode that is compatible with our theme and can be used in the Manage Ads fields.

1. Install AdRotate

In your WordPress Admin, navigate to Plugins > Add New. Search for “AdRotate” and install the plugin.

Install AdRotate WordPress Plugin

Make sure to activate it!

2. Create a new AdRotate Ad with your Ad Code

Once the plugin is installed, a new menu item labeled AdRotate will appear in your Admin Menu. Navigate to AdRotate > Manage Ads > Add New, create a title, and paste your Ad Code within the body of the new AdRotate Ad.

AdRotate Add New Ad

Save the instance and you’re now ready to use the ad with your Gabfire Theme!

3. Paste the Ad Shortcode in the Manage Ads Field

In the middle of the AdRotate ad you just created, you’ll notice a section labeled Usage. This section displays two codes that enable you to add your new ad anywhere!

AdRotate Usage

In the example above, you are given a shortcode – [adrotate banner=”1″] –¬†and a PHP tag – <?php echo adrotate_ad(1); ?>. For the non-technical user, you’ll be able to simply copy the shortcode and paste it within the Gabfire Theme Options > Manage Ads fields.

Gabfire Manage Ads

For technical users, feel free to add the PHP tag within our theme files.

You are now ready to integrate the new Google Adsense ads with our Premium Themes!