Gabfire Widget Pack – Contact

  Gabfire Widget Pack

Visitor feedback is essential to maintaining a website. The Gabfire Contact widget allows you to:

  • Showcase your logo
  • Display your business address
  • Give out your email address
  • Display your telephone number

It’s the perfect way to bundle all of your contact information so visitors can get in touch.

How to Setup Gabfire Contact Widget

After activating the widget in Appearance > Gabfire Widget Pack, place the Gabfire Contact widget in any widget zone you like. Then you can adjust a few options included in the widget.

Gabfire Contact Widget

Title – This field will display the title of the widget, including HTML.

Show logo – This will toggle the option to display a logo or not.

Enter logo URL – This field is for the URL of the logo, if you choose to enable it.

Address – This field is for the Address of your business and can accept HTML code.

Email Address – This field is for the business email address and will use the mailto: function to access your default mail client when you click the text.

Phone Number – This field is for your business phone number and can accept HTML code.