Gabfire Widget Pack – Archive Search

  Gabfire Widget Pack

Give your users the option to search to their heart’s content. This powerful widget provides 3 methods to search:

  1. By Archive Month
  2. By Category
  3. By Keyword using Google Search

This is great widget for content-heavy sites.

How to Setup the Gabfire Archive Search Widget

After you’ve activated the widget in Appearance > Gabfire Widget Pack, drag the Gabfire Archive Search widget the widget zone of your choice. Then, you’ll be able to setup a few options that this widget has to offer.

Gabfire Archive Search WidgetGabfire Archive Search WIdget

Title – This field will show an <h3> title above the widget.

Date search string – This field will label the month selection dropdown box.

Month selectbox label – This field will be the default month selection dropdown item. The dropdown items will automatically be the months in which a post was published.

Category search string – This field will label the category selection dropdown box. The dropdown will include all categories with posts and the default item will be ‘Select category’.

Google search string – This field will label the Google custom search box.

Google field input string – This field will be the default Google custom search box text.

Background color – This field will accept all hex colors and plaintext HTML colors (white, black, red, transparent, etc.) and will modify the background color of the widget itself – excludes input fields and title.

note - none of these fields will accept HTML code