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  • 1 How to setup header as in live Demo
  • 2 How to setup category templates
  • 3 How to add subtitle to post page
  • 4 How to setup Columnists section as in live Demo

How to setup header as in live Demo

Go to admin -> Gabfire Themes -> Theme Options -> General Settings -> Select Text or Image based logo -> Upload your logo and click on Use this Image button after upload is completed / or if text based logo is selected, enter site name below. Now the logo is set, lets set up header entries.


Theme control panel – General settings page

1. On theme options page, select General Settings tab

2. Select header style

Theme control panel – Categories settings page

3. Open categories tab

4. Define a tag which will be used for header posts

Add new post page

5. For any of posts you want to display on header, make sure to enter same tag that you defined on step #4.

How to setup category templates

Your category *MUST HAVE at least 9 posts* and the number of posts to display for category pages *must be set to 9* at WordPress admin -> Settings -> Reading -> Blog posts shows at most field

Now since the precondition is set, we can set media other category template -> WordPress admin -> Gabfire Themes –> Theme Options –> Miscellaneous –> and enter the ID number of categories into any of these fields.

If you do not know how to get ID number of categories, see this tutorial

See this tutorial if you do not know how to check ID number of a category.

How to add subtitle to post page

A sample post displayed with post summary

If you would like to display a short summary of post below the title, you’ll need to use custom fields. When editing or adding a post, below post editor look for a field that has *Custom Fields* label. If you are not able to see that field, it is most probably not has been activated. To activate it, at the same window on upper right select Screen Options -> make sure to check the box for Custom Fields option on new window.

Now go to custom fields section below post editor As name enter *subtitle* and add your post summary into value field -> Update or Publish post.

How to setup Columnists section as in live Demo

  1. Go to Theme Options > Columnists tab.
  2. Check the first option to enable the columnists section on site. You could choose to use a Category post instead of Columnist further below.
  3. Select number of authors you plan on displaying
  4. Now go through each item and either enter an Author ID – OR – select a category for that item.
Theme control panel – Columnists settings tab