Arts & Culture Installation Guide

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  • 1 Complete Homepage Content Guide
  • 2 How to setup header as in live Demo
  • 3 Second title on Right hand of Featured Slider
  • 4 Setting up Category Templates
  • 5 Setting up Post Templates

Complete Homepage Content Guide


How to setup header as in live Demo

Go to admin -> Gabfire Themes -> Theme Options (1) -> General Settings (2) -> Select Text or Image based logo (3) -> Upload your logo (4) and click on Use this Image button after upload is completed / or if text based logo is selected, enter site name below.


  • Now the logo is set; just make sure to select a header type.


Second title on Right hand of Featured Slider

On theme control panel (1) -> Categories section (2) -> Select a category (3) and set number of posts (4) to display for right hand of featured slider.


Now you can enter title2 value for any post that is going to be saved under selected category. The entered text will display in black color above main post title.


Setting up Category Templates

Your category *MUST HAVE at least 12 or greater posts* and the number of posts to display for category pages *must be set to 12* at WordPress admin -> Settings -> Reading -> Blog posts shows at most field

Now since the precondition is set, we can set media other category template -> WordPress admin -> Gabfire Themes –> Theme Options –> Miscellaneous –> and enter the ID number of categories into any of these fields.

See this tutorial if you do not know how to check ID number of a category.


Setting up Post Templates

When creating a post, you can select a specific Post Template from the Gabfire Custom Fields panel. Please note this feature was introduced in Arts & Culture v1.0, so if you have a version lower than that, your theme will not have this functionality: