Advanced Newspaper Installation Guide

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So, you have uploaded advanced newspaper and activated theme on your server, but nothing shows up on front page? Do not panic as it is ok to see a blank front page. There are couple of steps to follow in order to set it up as in live demo.


  • 1 Setting up Header
  • 2 Setting up Categories
  • 3 Setting up Media Gallery
  • 4 Setting up Category Templates

Setting up Header

As first, we’ll need to set up masthead -> stay connected link.

Login to WordPress admin dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets -> and move Gabfire Widget: Social into masthead section as it is shown on video below, and then lets set up our header. Remember, we have three header options these are

  • Header with quotes
  • Single banner
  • Site logo – Advertisement

On the screencast below, we’ll set up masthead as well as header layout.

Setting up Categories

To have entries displayed on front page is another big challenge for newbies. Front page is split into many different section such as Featured Slider, below/right hand of featured slider, Secondary content left/mid/right block, mid tabbed sections etc..

Each of these sections are set to display entries of -user defined- categories. It is completely up to you to define which categories to be displayed on these sections. See the screencast below that shows how to define those categories.

Here is a visual guide on how to setup the home page of Personality theme. It’s very easy as you can see. The majority of all setting are in Theme Options, with a few widgets used to fill up the home page.


Setting up Media Gallery

Media Gallery is a different section on admin dashboard, that you can save your entries under. To add media gallery to your site, you’ll need to go to pages -> add new -> type a title for Media Gallery -> as page template select Media -> Publish -> After that you can create Media entries.

Setting up Category Templates

There are four different category templates comes with advanced newspaper; those are

  • Magazine style category layout
  • Media gallery layout
  • 2 column category layout
  • Default layout

If you are going to customize and set some categories to use these categories, you must have the id number of categories to use that template with. This tutorial will tell you how to get category id’s in WordPress.

After getting category id’s you can set templates as shown in the screencast below.


  1. If your category template does not look similar to the demo, the most common reason is that either the category has less than 8 entries, or you have set up more than 8 posts to display for archive pages. To check the number of entries for archive pages, go to wp-admin dashboard -> Settings -> Reading -> and make sure the value for Blog pages show at most is set as 8 posts.
  2. IMPORTANT: The magazine style layout will show correctly only when you have at least 8 posts in that category.